My FISH Story

Connie fly in nose

Just sharing one of my funny fish stories.

Many of you have heard my story.

Yep…. That is a fly stuck in my nose. A fly with a hook on it.

The first time I got a fly hooked in my body, it was in my neck and the barb went all the way through. I was on the river by myself and I couldn’t get it out. I found a couple of men panning for gold lower down stream. I asked them for help getting it out, with no avail. They were pretty squeamish, we needed some wire cutters to cut off the end.  There was a couple who had just pulled up in a truck. They did have some wire cutters, he cut the end off, pulled it out and I was back on the river fly fishing in moments. The two gentlemen panning for gold were from Boca Raton, Florida. While watching the fly being removed from my neck, their comment was “The girls in Boca would be cryin’ by now!  (in a very heavy southern accent!) Oh, I did ask if I could fish near where they were, far enough away, as there was a great looking hole. And… I caught a nice brown on my second cast. WOOO HOOO.

The next time I was hooked by my own fly, I had bought some wire cutters after the first incident and thought, “No problem”, I have wire cutters!  I reeled in my line, snipped it off and went up to my car so I could look in the mirror and remove it… wah-la and continue to fish. ARGHHH. this time the fly in my nose did not go through, but was embedded fairly deep. I tugged and pulled and could not remove the fly. I had seen some young men on the river in the same spot where the gold panning duo was. I drove down river and approached the young men. I had wire cutters and clamps in hand and asked them if they could help me, as I handed one of them my tools. He looked at me briefly and said “no”, while handing the tools to his buddy, who took about 4 seconds of trying and said… “No, I can’t do it!” looking a little frightened at the thought of trying any longer. I tried to convince them they were strong and could push the barb through the skin , snip the end and pull it out. “No!” “darn, I thought as I remembered the gas station at the base of the canyon.  I’ll just drive down there and perhaps the station worker could help, I walked in with wire cutters, and clamps, laid them on the counter as I spoke to the 6’4”, 200 + lb station attendant, my thoughts were, great, I can finally get this out and continue to fish. “Can you help me get this fly out of my nose?” I asked. His response was unexpected, “I think I am going to faint.” he replied, as he turned white, grabbed the wall to balance himself, and then said ” I think I am going to get sick.” wow, I didn’t think I looked that bad, it was just a little fly. “Can I use your bathroom?” “yes, it’s over there… still white and dizzy. “are you Ok?”   I thought if I got some leverage I could just get it out. I spent about 20 minutes trying with all my strength to pull, push and rip this thing out of my nose. Darn…..  I now was bleeding, and a little tender but still determined.  As I exited the bathroom, two hunters  (a couple) were coming into the store. I looked at them and asked if they could help me remove the fly from my nose. Hunters gut animals and haul them out of the woods, certainly they would at least try. NOPE!! “I am not a doctor”  the gentleman replied. “you can just snip off the end and I’ll pull it through, I replied as I tried to hand off my pliers to the female. “No, No.” she responded. ARGHHH again.

Returning to my vehicle, I called my niece who is a nurse. “Have you ever removed a fly from someones nose?’ “Aunt Connie?” Yes, I have a fly stuck in my nose and need to get it out. she did not want to remove it as she did not want to scar my nose. Really/ Have you seen my nose? “Do you have insurance?”  “Yes,”  “well this is the time I think you should use it.” Darn, I just wanted to get back on the river. She gave me the name of an urgent care closest to where I was.

Now going into the Urgent Care, I did not expect to see the reactions from the receptionists as I approached the counter. They looked at me scared. “I suppose you see this often, being close to the river?’ “No, Never” as they immediately took me back to a room. I think it was so I would not frighten anyone else in the waiting room as I look back.

The Doctor came into the room, began to examine my nose, looking up my nose, he said “I don’t think I can remove it!” “What? I silently said in my head… speaking aloud now, “I have some wire cutters and clamps in my car, I’ll go get them, you cut off the end, and pull it out!!” “No, I have equipment,” he said, “I’ll try to remove it” and then said he would need to deaden my nose.  I quickly responded with “No, thank you. I am fine without anything.” He told me he would NOT remove the fly without deadening it. “OK, but only use the tiniest amount possible” I hate that stuff. Before he began the procedure to remove the fly, I stopped and said “wait, I need to take a selfie, Last time I got a fly in my neck, I did not take a picture.” He didn’t really seem amused, and looked a little scarred himself.

It did take him about 20 minutes to remove the fly, as he was working on me, he said, “it is really stuck!” Actually it had gone into the cartilage of my nose which made it so hard for me to try to remove.

I thought next time, I am praying BEFORE I ever get on the river, I will be wise and not fly fish in the wind. I have not had another fly stuck in me since, and use wisdom when the wind kicks up. 🙂  Also if it ever happens again, I will use all the power I have to rip it out, but I am not expecting to have this happen again! Also I just read about a way to slide it out much easier, though I may need to watch the video a few times. Again, I plan on never needing to use this. AMEN!

I did think it was quite funny that a little fly in my nose was such a big deal, for so many I came in contact with that day. So I have my funny fly fishing story.

Hope you got a little laugh and were not frightened by my selfie.

Have a glorious day and stay safe on the rivers. Oh…. and remeber to pray and stand on God’s truth before.


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With the tragedy of the recent mass shooting in Florida, I am saddened for the lives that were lost and the families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. I am sad that Satan has been given so much power in many people’s lives.

I think Jesus is the answer to the problems and evil we are seeing in our world, but this is going to take time.  I am not as knowledgeable as most about the various kinds of guns available, but while we are out sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  I am in favor of keeping our 2nd amendment rights, but perhaps keeping weapons meant only for military to be kept out of the hands of those who are not.

Without Christ in our lives these things will continue in our world. Without Christ people have no way to vent their alarm and anger over the mass shootings. They want to control ‘something’ and so the only way they believe they can take control is to ban firearms, protest, carry signs and scream at those of us who believe in our 2nd amendment rights.

I purchased a gun after college. I never had a desire to own a firearm but had used various guns learning how to use them with friends who had them.

Some of you may know a piece of my story.  For those of you who do not, I dated a man very briefly after college, and after about 3 dates, realized he was not the person I would want to spend the rest of my life with, so I ended the relationship. This did not go well for me, as this person did not want to accept the fact that we were not a good fit. He began to stalk me and broke into my home on several occasions. On five of those, he proceeded to rape me at gun point and threatened to kill friends and family if I did not do as he asked or if I reported the rapes.

I did report him, and filed a restraining order after the first rape. Unfortunately I lived in a small town, he was a prominent figure there and was ‘protected’ by those higher-ups. So, nothing was ever done to protect me from him or to prosecute him. Actually my reporting him, made things even worse for me.  One night I awoke with his hands around my throat and he proceeded to throw me up against the wall. beat me, and raped me at gun point. I really was not sure how he got into my home, and figured he may have had a key made, or picked my lock somehow!  I lived outside city limits, and the first time he broke into my home, I had called the police and no one ever showed up. Terrified, I called a friend who let me come and stay with them for the evening,.

The following day, I called the police to ask why they did not come to my home. They told me I was not in city limits and not in their jurisdiction. “Why, would you not tell me that last night?” I asked.  They informed me I should have contacted the Sheriff instead. Why would they ‘not’ have told that to me when I called? …. Because he was protected!

There was another instance when I did call the sheriff, they came to my home, but told me they could not protect me 24 hours a day, they said they would come out to check on me occasionally and they suggested my ONLY protection was to purchase a gun. They said to  make sure I knew how to use it. They also informed me that if I shot him outside my home to make sure I dragged him inside before I called them. Seriously, at the time I weighed about 98 pounds and the man was about 198 and worked out regularly.

I took their advise…. finally,  after the 5th rape!  I was never raped again.

I lived in fear though, for quite some time. I had mace in every room of my home, I slept in my front room, so I could hear if he was trying to enter, and break into my home. I slept with the gun on the table in front of me and ready to fire.

This person tried 2 more times to break into my home and because I slept close to the door, I heard him before he could open the lock. I only needed to waive the gun in the air showing him through the glass on my door, that I was ready to kill him if he attempted to enter. I think I said, “I have a gun!!!”

This was enough to deter him. I am thankful that I never had to use it, though I would have.  I was ready, and he must have known I would not have hesitated to shoot him if I needed to.  He ran off both times.

He did continue to stalk me, but not at my home. He was very sly and often I never even saw him. The moment I would get home though, my phone would ring and he would be on the other end threatening to kill the friends I had been with that night, he would know even what I had for dinner.  You see, there are evil people out there and a gun saved me from this one. I believed he would have ended up killing me. I believe God gave me words to say to this man even though I did not ‘know’ God at that time in my life.

It was NOT God, allowing this to happen to me, It was not God helping me to be a stronger person. This was plain and simple a man who was pure evil, and I had no power without Christ in my life except a gun.

I did not share with a lot of people what was going on in my life for fear of their lives. One night I got a call from him from another city where some family members lived.  He had taken them out to dinner, he even had them say hi, to make sure I knew he was with them. He then left their ear shot and proceeded to tell me that he would kill them if I ever did anything to ‘ruin his’ reputation!!!!!

I believe in protecting myself and my family. I have a gun, I know how to use it and would not hesitate to do so, if anything near this experience were to happen to me or a family member again, and I would not hesitate to defend a child.

I believe we should have a trained armed guard at the entrance to our schools. I believe we should now have metal detectors and searches for every student, faculty and person who would enter our schools. WHY? Because we have created a world where evil has been allowed to live. We have pushed God out of our nation and there are evil people who think they have the right to take the lives of others, having no value for life but their own. We live in a time, where women think it is their right to kill the very life of a child they are carrying, and I was one of those, before I gave my life to Christ. Before I knew the truth, and the love of Jesus Christ.

As a christian woman, I am absolutely pro-life and against murder. But killing someone to protect yourself, a child and family is not Murder. It is self-defense.

As a christian, I believe I now walk in power and authority over the enemy, and prayerfully will never need to use a firearm to defend anyone. I have used this power to protect myself and others. It works. God is amazing, and when I tell even a part of my story, it is as if I am telling another persons story, because knowing and having Jesus Christ in my life has so removed any anger and fear and replaced it with HIS peace, love, grace and forgiveness, restored my Joy and I want everyone to KNOW this love, this peace and Joy.

I pray for this lost world to come to KNOW JESUS CHRIST, I will share Him and His love whenever I can.  HE is the answer the evil and all that is wrong in our world today.

A Gun saved my life, before Christ in my life. I believe in the 2nd amendment.


Psalm 36:1 says, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.” 

John 12:46  I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.

Titus 2:12  Training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,

2 Timothy 1:7  God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Romans 5:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

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Conversation with a pro choice student



I recently had the pleasure of having an in depth conversation with a student who was pro-choice, but questioning his stand on life and just wanted to talk and have someone answer some questions for him.

He stated that when all the babies in foster care were adopted, he might become pro-life. We talked about the foster and fost-adopt program and that there are no unwanted children, just a broken system that truly wants the best for children, and that is to keep them with their families, if at all possible.  Unfortunately these children often go back and forth in the foster program before they are available to be adopted, if ever.

He stated that there would be too many babies put into foster care waiting to be adopted if they were not aborted. I shared with him that there are over 100 K families waiting to adopt for every baby available for adoption and that there were NO new born babies born that were waiting to be adopted. There are families praying and waiting for a child. (Any age) We talked about the availability of open adoption and how a parent does not just ‘give a baby away’ but can have contact and pictures of their child.

We talked in depth about when and why he thought it would OK to terminate a baby. We talked about the difference between a 1 yr old, or 6 month old in the womb. One thing I often hear is that if a mother is not ready, and we just do not know how hard it would be for her to have a baby she should have the choice to abort. But my comment is, “my husband is hard to live with, you just don’t know hard it is, he is costly to our household and I think I should be able to kill him.”

There is the emotional side of ‘wanting’ to see that it is a ‘woman’s choice’ to do with her body as she wishes. But new scientific results prove that it is NOT a part of a woman’s body and that a child’s life begins at conception. Yet, we look at science when it agrees with our beliefs, but we challenge science when we want it to line up with our own desires and beliefs.

The fact that financially it is hard for many women to provide for a child is true, but she is not alone! There are thousands of ministries that are there to help and support her in a number of ways. She can continue her education, have her career, prosper and thrive if she only knew where to go to attain that support. Spiritually, physically, emotionally!

By the time our conversation ended (nearly 1 hour later) this young man said that he was now feeling pro Life and changing his mind. I encouraged him to keep seeking any answers that he still had and I was available to talk any time.

If we have uncertain feelings and or opinions on subjects, we often rely on our emotions and disregard truths. It is NOT enough to go on emotions. We need to know the truth, the facts and the science even behind the truth. That is the most responsible reaction to finding out truth. Yet, I seldom see others wanting to have an adult discussion, especially on the topic of abortion.





“Forever Changed”- Available on amazon

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Some people often make resolutions to make their life a little better. I have never been one to make ‘resolutions’ but strive to live HIS best life for me everyday. Do I forget at times?  Oh Yes.

When I begin to focus on the flesh and the things of this world, is when the enemy can come in and fill my mind with his lies. It is HIS WORD that is the truth, not the things of the world. We will hear and see things that may challenge the very WORD of God. These things can steal the truth if we focus on them.

The enemies lies include sickness, disease, lack of joy, depression, among the many.  What does GOD say I have? He says I have, freedom, healing, health, joy, peace, love, faith, soundness of mine, prosperity, power, authority, His Holy Spirit to guide me, ears to hear and eyes to see, He says I have all things just as He did if I believe.  What a wonderful life we have when we believe. What a wonderful life it is when we keep our thoughts and mind on HIM and not on the things of the world. That is not always easy.  We hear so many lies and unbelief and that those things are not for us today it is easy to start focusing on all the lies and misunderstandings of HIS Truth.  DON’T believe those words, BELIEVE the WORD OF GOD.


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The abortion industry has betrayed the very women they claim to serve.  Providing chemical contraception that can cause bodily harm.  Procuring and selling the body parts of the children they abort.  Creating sales schemes and demanding abortion quotas to increase abortion sales.  Last year alone Planned Parenthood performed over 323,999 abortions, and since they began they have murdered over 6,803,782 babies through abortions. Students are under constant assault by the PRO abortion industry and College Campuses around our nation.

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE SUNDAY, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation on January 13, 1984  designating January 22nd as the FIRST National Sanctity of Human Life day.

I am aware that many of you wish that I would be silent about abortion and you believe it is simply a woman’s choice and you choose to be silent even if you agree with me and are PRO LIFE.

I am also profoundly aware that many Christians and Pro Choice hearts are truly unaware of the impact Abortion has made in our nation and the lives of women, men and families. I often hear, “I am pro-life, so I do not need to know all the facts, and I choose to be silent and just pray.” God ha not asked us to be silent about anything, and although prayer (And fasting) is always good, they are for us, to change our own hearts, not God’s and someone elses.

My hearts desire is to educate.  I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear GOD’s truth, Scientific proof and not just my perspective.

God says: MY people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

This generation has not known a time in their lives that abortion has not been legal. Where over 60 million lives have been taken through abortion. Countless more have been taken through the Abortion Pill, but we may never know those numbers. Where abortion is legal up to 9 months in many states for any reason. YES, for any reason and there are only 13 states that have placed some limits on abortion.  Abortion is NOT health care. It is the taking of a life. Abortion is only performed 1% of the time because of the health of the mother. Doctors have since stated because of medical advances there really is NO reason a baby should ever be aborted for this reason.  1/3rd of this generation has been wiped out by abortion!

You would ‘Force’ a woman to carry the baby conceived out of rape or incest?”  I am often asked this question and not very kindly. Even if we allowed Abortion for this reason it would be rare. Only .01% of rapes result in a pregnancy….. I was one of those stats. 

 I chose abortion after I had been raped at gunpoint by a man I briefly dated and when I told him I did not want to continue a relationship with him, he broke in my home and raped me, not once but 5 separate times. He was a prominent man in the community and was at the time protected by those in high-profile positions.  I became pregnant and was told abortion would solve my problem. Out of fear and lies from the world and from my own deceitful heart and an enemy that is the father of lies, I did just that.

Many women choose abortion out of fear, financial reasons and coercion from a boyfriend or physician. 

Lets transform culture by helping young people make abortion unthinkable and obsolete on their campus, in their community, and in our nation.

Lets start being open and speaking out against an industry that cares little about truly helping women, but only about padding their pockets with the money from abortion.


Connie is not only passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ but is an accomplished Pro Life speaker. Contact Connie for your next Conference, Gala, gathering and pro-life fundraiser.


Connie Weiskopf Ministries – Moving Mountains – P.O. Box 842 Firestone, CO 80520  720-308-4333




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Something Even Greater Than Jesus Christ


As a Christian we often think: “What could be greater than Jesus Christ?”

Yet, Jesus tells us that there is something even better than having Him with us, and that is having the Holy Spirit within us. (JOHN 16:7)

There was a time I could not image something greater than Jesus Christ, our Savior, being with Him walking along side of Him and listening to Him.   I still have a difficult time wrapping my brain around that, because I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH.

Yet, here it is in scripture from the LORD. I am going away and I am leaving with you something greater, and it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads and guides us and teaches us all things.   There is Power in the Holy Spirit. 

Holy spirit

John 16:7 –  I tell you the truth. It is better for you that I go away. If I do not go, the Helper will not come to you. If I go, I will send Him to you. 

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and even greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father

John 14:26 – But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 


The Holy Spirit is the power that I see missing in the lives of Christians. There is a power that we need, to speak healing and live in health in our lives. What does that look like for us? The Holy Spirit lives in and through us as believers and we need to tap into that power, believe it and operate in it. we do not need to beg and plead with God to heal. We do not need to pray and fast for God to move. He already moved 2000 years ago. Prayer and Fasting is for us.

I hear these words often: “Isn’t it Jesus who picks and chooses who gets healed and doesn’t? Isn’t He the one controlling who gets healed, and HE is the one brings sickness and diseases to help us grow and to teach us?”

God tells us He leaves with us as believers the HOLY SPIRIT who gives us the power and authority to raise the dead, heal the sick and open blind eyes.  He tells us to use the power in the words we speak. Speak life or death! If we could not do these thing’s why would HE tells us to do so? Yet many believe, this was ONLY for the Disciples and this passed away with them. I am not saying it is Connie who can heal the sick and raise the dead because it is Jesus, The Holy Spirit living inside of me that is the power behind all the healing’s. I am nothing without Him, but I am NOT NOTHING, I am filled with the Holy Spirit, (who by the way, IS JESUS) with HIS power and authority. I get to use this amazing gift that He has given me (us.)

Matthew 10:8 – Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

I have seen the anger in people who ask me something like: “So you are blaming me for not being healed?” My answer… “YES, It is up to us to use the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus living inside of us to manifest the healing that we already have as the free gift of Jesus Christ.”  Wouldn’t you rather know it is absolutely NOT God (Jesus, The Holy Spirit) who chose me to heal and not you,  and that He has given us something to do here to help heal the sick and raise the dead.  Instead of relying on Pharma to heal you, leave those to the unbelievers.  Doctors, I believe are here for them and us or when I am in unbelief.  There may be a day and recently there was, when I will need a doctor, then you will know it is not GOD causing me to be sick, but my own unbelief, listening to unbelief and receiving negative sick words over myself. And yep, I do receive them still. I am forever renewing my mind to God’s TRUTH. There are times I have not done a very good job of believing. (Read my book: “Forever Changed” to see more about believing God, healing, prayer and fasting.)

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and HIS WORD is true. Believe and receive all that HE has for us. It is not a scary thing, but an amazingly wonderful thing. Take the power which is the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and you can be doing even greater things than Jesus did. This gift is not just for the few leaders and Pastors but for all believers. When God revealed to me that I have all the healing living inside of me as a believer and because I have the Holy Spirit living in me, it changed my life.  I once was a sickly woman. Beginning this journey of “BELIEVING” everything Jesus said we have, was not easy!  I lost friends, they got mad at me, the world even spit on me. That is OK, because I am now living in health, loving the LORD more every day and seeing many, many people healed, and seeing others get this and heal the sick.  I see people healed of cancers, diseases, depression,  arthritis and paralysis, among the few.


What a wonderful thing to BELIEVE.

MOVING MOUNTAINS ~ ~ 720-308-4333

P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520



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All Things Work Together for Good?


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

This scripture has been so misused and misunderstood. This scripture IS NOT saying that God puts us through  trials, sickness, disease and death and then uses it for our or someones good.

This scripture has been used often to justify when someone is going through a sickness, cancer, disease, even the death of a child. 

Lets look at these scriptures:

Romans 8:1-6 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but  they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

We are no longer under the law as BELIEVERS in JESUS. We are FREE From the law of Sin and death. Jesus ushered in a new covenant and God is no longer using sickness, disease, tragedies, depression or anything negative to teach us. He sent HIS SON, Sacrificed His Son so that we now are not under the law. His Son paid the price for us in FULL. His desire for us is to live in health, peace, love, grace, forgiveness, freedom, prosperity, fullness of joy.  So why are so many blaming God for the sickness, death and sin in the world?

What I see has happened is that when we (the church) cannot explain the tragedies we see in those we love and our own lives, the world and especially with Christians.  We explain it away by quoting in particular the scripture “all things work together for good.” or I hear also: “God works in Mysterious ways.”  Really? You are blaming God for these things and explaining to others that it will all be for good. Again, what good is cancer? The death of a child? the death of a mother of 4? A Tsunami? Flood?  An answer to this question that I also hear is that God’s ways are NOT our ways and you may never know what good will come of this? Perhaps someone will come to know Jesus through this?

What ‘CAN’ happen, is that a person can use these things to finally turn to God and seek Him in their lives. But God has a better way to teach us.  HIS Son, His Word, The Holy Spirit, is our teacher. He left us His Holy Spirit as our guide and to teach, He gives us wisdom and leads us if we listen.

John 14:6 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. 

God does not ever say: I will bring sickness and tragedies to teach you. 

Ephesians 1:16-17 do not cease giving thanks for you, while making mention of you in my prayers; that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

 This eternal life that God tells us about is NOT for heaven alone. It is for now. Heaven on earth. 

And one of my favorite to debunk the thought that God is causing all the tragedies, sickness and disease is 2 Timothy and 3 John.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

3 John 2 – Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

Jesus never told a single sick person that it was God’s will that they suffer and be sick a little longer. He never made anyone sick “to teach them something, since HE gave HIS Son to die for us.  He never “Allowed” sickness to come on anyone to grow and teach them. These are lies of the enemy and many have believed them to explain why they are sick.

So why are God’s people sick?  God will only allow what WE allow. “As a man thinks, so is he.”  “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”  Words can bring life or death. God tells US to CHOOSE LIFE. So He is telling us that we can choose health and healing and to use our words. Stop looking at all the health reports on TV. These bring unbelief!

Romans 10:8-10 says that all who BELIEVE with their hearts and confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead shall be saved. The word saved is translated to: ‘Sozo’ –  which means, Healed, Prospered, Forgiven, Set Free.  Saved is not just forgiven of our sins, but is the past tense of health and healing. We can walk in health, healed and living the best life ever here. I am not saying that we will not be attacked by the enemy or a word filled with unbelief and sickness, but I am saying it does not have to overtake me, stay or kill me. 

But you must first BELIEVE. 


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The Truth About Adoption and Abortion


Every year in the United States there are more than 1.2 million Abortions.

Every year in the United States there are 1.4 million waiting to Adopt.

I recently had a conversation with someone about a woman’s right to CHOOSE. (This was a gentleman) In light of the Planned Parenthood videos that had been circulating. There are some people totally unaware of the things on these videos and have no idea what Planned Parenthood provides and does not provide, and have no insight or knowledge about the results, outcomes and how a woman really feels when she chooses abortion. This particular gentleman said : “When I see NO children in orphanages, and Foster Care, maybe I will change my mind on Abortion. ‘YOU’ people should be adopting these children.” As I began to share with him, I could tell he was pretty set in his heart on this issue, no matter how misinformed he was.

There are more than 360,000 families waiting to adopt on any given day in the U.S. – PEOPLE/Families ARE adopting. There are over 300,000 children in Foster/adopt care, and less than 100,000 are available or released by the courts to be adopted.


The system is broken and needs to be fixed!  It is not easy to adopt from the Foster Programs.

The PP slogan has been “Every baby a Wanted Baby” because child abuse is high. There is NO link between abuse and a child that was ‘saved’ from the hands of an abortionist. In fact the abuse rate is highest among those who “WANTED” that child.  Abuse is a heart issue.

I too once believed many lies about Abortion.  I didn’t KNOW they were babies. I thought as I was told, they were blobs of tissue and would not become a baby until about 20 weeks.


This is a 12 week ‘BABY’ in the womb.

I have since opened my heart and eyes to the truth. A baby will never be anything else but a baby, a person or human being. It’s all the same! From conception to birth to old age. Just as a girl can never be anything other than a girl, no matter how much you surgically alter her. Her DNA will never be anything else. A baby will always be a person. No mater what age.

I am sad that the education of Planned Parenthood has since the early 60’s been in our schools brain washing and ‘teaching’ our children that first of all ‘sex’ should be experimented with at an early age, that multiple sexual partners of any sex is the best practice. That birth control will help you solve the issue of pre-marital, multiple sex partners, pregnancies and life issues. PP makes billions of dollars on STI/STD Testing, Abortions and birth control.

If birth control was as effective as it is said to be. why are Abortions still even being done in the U.S.?   STI/STD Testing and treatment has skyrocketed in the U.S. There are 19 million new STI/STD cases each year,  14-24 year old’s  making up nearly 50% of those cases. Most all cases of STI/STD’s are the result of multiple sexual partners or it may only take one sexual encounter as the STD rate soars.  Many of these have NO CURES. Birth Control pills and hormones have now been linked to Brain cancer, increased risks of ectopic pregnancies, sterility, and many other symptoms. Yes, I have seen the articles that say there are benefits to Birth Control for women. I have seen reports of the negative effects. Lets look at the consequences, good and bad.

In Boulder County at the Boulder County Reservoir the hormone levels from Birth Control pills was so high that the male fish had turned into female. (This is not just a Boulder phenomenon). The effects on our environment  is devastating. Even if you do not care what happens to a woman’s body, many will care about our environment! (SAD)


Are you ready for a child, emotionally, financially?

Are you willing to contract and live with a life threatening STI/STD?

Are you ok if this person is never in your life again if you become pregnant?

Are you willing to take a life to live yours the way you would like?

Did you know there is help and support for you if you do have an unplanned, or unexpected pregnancy?

As an advocate for Life and Pregnancy Care Centers, I SEE the devastation to especially women, but in boys and men as well when an unexpected pregnancy happens, or an STD is contracted from someone who has lied to you about their health, or was unaware of the risk they were putting their partner at. A lifelong or life threatening disease is not worth a moment of heated passion. (Sex). A moment is not worth the risks of thinking Abortion is your answer. There are so many studies out on depression, suicide, sickness, etc that is attached to the risky behaviors of pre-marital sex. But it is still your life, no matter how long or short. Actually it can affect many lives. Every choice we make effects not just ourselves but many lives. (Your partner, family, the child you may conceive….)

AND YES, people, young adults can and are WAITING to have sex. Though many repeat the lie that you cannot expect someone to ‘wait’ to have sex until they are married?  I see MANY who have waited and are happy they did. If you are meant to be with a person, you will learn how to make each other happy, even in bed.

Truth is 57% of young teens and adults are waiting. (AND YOU THOUGHT EVERYONE WAS ‘DOING’ IT!)


I personally have nephews in my life that have been adopted. I am so amazingly blessed by them and by the sacrifice their birth mothers/fathers made to allow us to be blessed with them in our families. I am equally blessed that their parents chose to bring another couples child into our family to love and nurture and care for, and to bless our family.

Working for life I hear often: “I would rather KILL my baby than choose adoption. Yes, they call it a baby.  We all know it is a baby. But much of the time it is only called that when the baby is wanted. We may try to distance ourselves from the life of a child by calling it a fetus,(little one) or blob of tissue. It’s a baby, a human being, a child.

 We have many families waiting to Adopt. Adoption is a choice that brings life to not just your child, but to a family that has prayed for, waited, paid thousands of dollars to be on a list, for a child. What a sacrificial, amazing gift a woman can make to bless another family. I wish I had been so brave and had known the truth about Adoption and the truth about Abortion.

Adoption options are made by the birth mother. She is the one who gets to choose the parents if she wishes. She decides if she wants to have an open, semi open, closed, familial adoption. She can be a part of the amazing life she conceived and gifted to a family. I have seen it work, over and over and over. A love story that never ends. It has changed so much over the years. You are no longer ‘giving away your child’ but able to be a part of that child’s life in some way, as the birth mom. You will be gifting someone else with the gift of parenthood.

Birth Mothers are counted among my heroes, along with adoptive parents. 



Connie Weiskopf Ministries *  * 720-308-4333

P.O. Box 842 Firestone, CO 80520


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We are NO longer to live under the OLD Covenant. We have a NEW Covenant with Jesus Christ. That is why He came to save us. The laws no longer could save us from our sinful lives, so He came to save us and deliver us into our NEW LIFE WITH HIM.

We have an inheritance that is amazing.  We have all the tools that enable us to live the exceedingly abundant life In Christ. Many are still living as if  Jesus never came to pay the price for us to have this abundant life.

Christ did away with the Law and now we are privileged to live under His grace and love.

We have the power and authority to move every mountain that might come at us. (sickness, disease, tragedies, floods…….etc.)

If you think God is the one causing sickness and disease tragedies and trials in your life, you are still living under the law, the old covenant.

BELIEVING in the WORD, the Bible means believing that God sent His one and only Son to die for us. For our salvation. Saved means = healed, prospered, delivered, set free. Past tense. Christ paid the price and sent His WORD. His Word brings life.  He is no longer bringing tragedies, sickness, upon us. WE HAVE HIS WORD, HIS SON! How beautiful it is to KNOW who you are In Christ and what you have as a believer.

It is time to start Believing in His finished work. 

Scripture References:
Hebrews 8:13- By calling this covenant “new,” he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear.
Luke 22:20- After supper he took another cup of wine and said, “This cup is the new covenant between God and his people–an agreement confirmed with my blood, which is poured out as a sacrifice for you.


Connie Weiskopf Ministries – Moving Mountains –

P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520 – 720-308-4333

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~~Absolute Truths ~~

believe 2

The Church has been buying the lies of the World and many are teaching things that are NOT absolute Truths according to God’s Word.

“Absolute truth” is defined as inflexible reality: fixed, invariable, unalterable facts. For example, it is a fixed, invariable, unalterable fact that there are absolutely no square circles and there are absolutely no round squares.

You can’t logically argue against the existence of absolute truth. To argue against something is to establish that a truth exists.

Absolute Truth Exists ~ It’s Called ‘The BIBLE’

How do we know if we are believing lies or truth?

  1.  You give your life to Christ, get filled with the Holy Spirit and you start reading the Word through the Spirit and NOT through your brain, or carnal flesh.

God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us understand the Bible.  It is impossible to understand Spiritual things except through the Spirit. This is one of the gifts God has given us. We have this amazing Tool Box filled with tools to live the exceedingly abundant Life In Christ filled with ‘absolute truths’ that we need to learn what we have and then learn how to use these tools.

If you do not believe in Absolute Truths from Our Loving God then your faith will be all over the place as mine once was. As most of you know, I grew up in the Church but had NO relationship with God, I did not even know the Holy Spirit was available for me to tap into, and thus had NO power, no fruit in my life.

Many Christian’s and non believers have been believing lies about the Bible and God. They thik there are NO absolute Truths, and all paths might lead to God and an amazing life. Many believe that the great life is for the here after and not for now.


Acts 14:6

John 8:32 You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free.

It is truth, God’s Word, that brings freedom in our lives.  Free from sickness, disease, tragedies…. But We keep looking to the world, doctors, psychotherapists, and any pill to bring freedoms. I agree that these things can help non-believers and believers alike, but God’s plan is for us to have and use the power and authority He has given to us as believers, to heal the sick, raise the dead, open blind eyes, and even greater things.

Ephesians 6:12-13

1 John 3:13 – Do not be surprised my brothers if the world hates you! 

Not only do I have the world hating me, but Christians seem to turn from the truth of God and have no idea that these things are available to all who believe. I have been attacked by many who call themselves Christians, because I believe literally, with absolute truth, that what God says is True. 

Where some confusion comes in is when believers mix the old and new covenants together. God sent HIS SON to bring us into a new covenant with Him. We are no longer under law, but under grace. We can go directly to God and God is no longer bringing the trials into our lives. We are! God is not the one who strikes you with a challenge, disease or sickness. HE SENT HIS WORD (His Son) and Healed us. 

Nearly everyday I hear someone in the church or a “believer” say that they are being tested by the LORD, with cancer, tragedies, or any number of things! Saying things such as God is giving me cancer, testing me or causing this. 

God is NOT the one who is allowing or causing any of these things. We live in a world where things happen, we have an enemy who brings tragedies, but not my God. We ourselves are even the ones who are opening the door to sickness, disease, challenges. Simply because we do not understand the truth of God’s Word and what we have as a believer.



Moving Mountains  *   Connie Weiskopf Ministries  *   *  720-308-4333

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