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May you celebrate the amazing inheritance that you now have because of HIS birth.
Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas as you rejoice in the Birth of Our Lord. May you have the time to get to KNOW Him even more in this coming year.
Thanking all of you who support the Ministry of CSWMI-  Connie Weiskopf Ministries.
May all the mountains in your life be moved this year.
~ B E L I E V E ~

In His love and grace and mine

Connie Schlepp Weiskopf



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 Here is your 1 minute comments for defending life. 

I am pro-life because the science of embryology establishes that from the earliest stages of development, you were a distinct, living and whole human being. You weren’t part of another human being like skin cells on the back of my hand; you were already a whole living member of the human family even though you had yet to mature.

“There is no essential difference between the embryo you once were and the adult you are today that somehow justifies killing you at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency are not good reasons for saying you could be killed then but not now.

Taken from Focus On the Family article By Scott Klusendorf



Connie is a gifted pro-life and inspirational speaker.

Contact Connie to share at your next event. 

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Scripture Picture believe 2


 In the English New Testament the word “grace” is always a translation of (charis), a word that occurs in the Greek text over 170 times.


Salvation by grace in the New Testament is opposed to an Old Testament doctrine of salvation by works.

2 Peter 1:2  Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

Titus 2:11   For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

 Romans 11:6 And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.

Justified = To pronounce free from guilt or blame; to declare or prove to have done that which is just, right, proper, etc.; to absolve; to exonerate; to clear.To take oath to the ownership of property.

You cannot earn anything by your works. It is all about what HE did on the cross and now you simply need to BELIEVE and receive all HE has provided for you.



(John 1:17; Romans 6:14; 1 Peter 5:12). 



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Contrary to God’s Word


Anytime you hear things that are contrary to God’s Word, you need to cast them down.

For example: When you hear on TV that it’s flu season. Instead of agreeing with all the negative words you just heard about everyone getting it, and you need to go get a shot. This is when I say “Not for me, It’s not mine to take, or my household.” I haven’t been to a doctor for many years, because I have the greatest physician, who has given me His healing power and words to use over all the sickness, diseases and ailments in this world.

When I hear things like, “I am old and this is just what happens.” I say, “Not for me!  I have the power of the Living God living inside of me.”

I remember when I first got a hold of God’s Word and His promises for us and first started believing for God’s healing and knowing all that He has for us.  I was shortly after that attending a women’s conference. A group of women were standing around talking about hot flashes and other symptoms. Another woman approached  the group and shared that the first time a hot flash tried to come upon her, she simply spoke to the lying symptom and said, “No, I am not taking that!” My response was, I’ll do that when the lies of the enemy try to come against me.  When I did reach that place in my life that a lie tried to come upon me, I simply spoke to that lying symptom and it left. I still do this today.  I take God’s power authority living in me and command the sympom to leave and command healing to manifest.

I have people sharing with me that they or someone they know believed for their healing, but did not get healed.  I ask them how they are/were praying.  I can tell right away if they are speaking POWER WORDS or  if they are still beggars. Begging God to heal them.

God told us to heal the sick, raise the dead, and never said for us to beg Him for healing, He did say to pray continually. My prayers are speaking to my symptom and Thanking God for his inheritance, His healing. He paid the price for us at the cross for all the healing we need. It lives inside of me. If you are a believer, it lives inside of you.  You have power and authority.  You first need to know HIS Truth and then appropriate what you already have.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper. – Isaiah 54:17

With Long life will HE satisfy you.  – Psalm 91:16

By HIS stripes you are healed.  – 1 Peter 2:24

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:… – Hosea 4:6



P.O. Box 842  Firestone, CO 80520  720-308-4333


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Planting The Word in Your Heart

scripture pic be not wise in own eyes


“I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose.For we are both God’s workers. And you are God’s field. You are God’s building.”

The reason I share Jesus and plant as many seeds as I possibly can, is that I have found the one my heart truly loves. He changed my life in such a dramatic way that there is not one person (enemy or friend) that I would not want to know this amazing Jesus that I met over 30 years ago. When I fell in love with Jesus, I was very selfish.k  I wanted everything HE had for me and everything HE gave HIS life for us ALL to have.

I grew up in the Church, but I never really knew Jesus and I did not really want HIM meddling in my life.  I though it would be a boring life without all the ‘fun.’ I was so wrong.  When I ‘surrendered’ this old Connie to Him He filled me with such Joy, and peace and something so exciting that I had never felt living in the ‘world.’  The peace and love that filled me has overflowed into every part of my life. Is my life perfect? Far from it! But, when storms rear their head I have a Jesus that fills me with peace, wisdom and understanding as I read and study His Word. If I just left my life to chance, thinking God would just miraculously guide me, I would still be stuck. The thing I needed to do was find out what HE says I have and who HE say’s I am.



Connie Weiskopf   *  *  *  720-308-4333

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I have found something so beautiful in this life. Something so wonderful and incredible that I seldom if never keep it to myself. Something so lovely that I cannot ever imagine living my life without. 


He gives me peace beyond my own understanding.

He brings love, peace, health, healing, prosperity, freedom, forgiveness and a joy that is only found in HIM.



Connie is an Artist, Author and Minister of God’s Word.

Contact Connie for your next retreat, conference, church gathering. Men’s and women’s groups have had Connie speak at their events and continue to ask her to return. She has helped raised $100’s K at fundraising events for  pro life Christian Ministries. *  *  720-308-4333

P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520


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Committed to Jesus Christ

066 a

Are you committed to what God says?

Do you KNOW what God’s Word says?

Many are more committed to what a doctor, friend, the world or the media say.

When I was diagnosed with cancer the world was telling me to find out everything there was to know about cancer and treatment. God clearly spoke to me and said: “NO, Connie, I want you to find out everything I say about healing.”

And so I NEVER searched the internet, I went to the Word of God.        (As tempting as it was at times).

I searched His Word to find out everything He says about healing, blessings,  salvation, forgiveness.  I have now been cancer free, healed, prospered, forgiven, and set free for over 10 years. Standing on God’s Word and  His instruction book is what God told me to do in the beginning. I did and I still do.

Satan and the world do come against me, sickness tries to come on me and I have challenges. But where I go is the Word of God. I go to Abba Father. He is my healer, He paid the price for me to have it all. I refocus on what I have as a child of the most high God. I focus on His promises and provision. It seems more difficult to refocus if I have been listening to naysayers, the TV and even a friend or medical person and paid attention to an ache or something the enemy has tried to come against me with. It takes me longer to refocus and get rid of some of the unbelief that I may have entertained. God says that by HIS stripes I am healed, No weapon formed against me shall prosper. With long life will He satisfy me. I focus on and picture myself healed, prospered and set free. I picture whatever it is I am in need of, coming to be. Healing is mine. Health is mine. I speak to the pain or problem, and command it to go.

There are times that I do not see it come about immediately or even in a week or two. It does not matter to me. I just keep speaking to my ‘mountain’. Not because I don’t believe the healing isn’t mine yet, but because I need to feed my believer to see the manifestation come to be.

Eventually I will see it, if I do not give up. God provided all I need as He hung on the cross and paid the ultimate price for me. What an amazing God we have and what a wonderful, healthy, loving, beautiful life we have because of HIM.


& I am committed to everything you say & everything you say I have LORD &  who I am. Amen


~MOVING MOUNTAINS~    720-308-4333


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My FISH Story

Connie fly in nose

Just sharing one of my funny fish stories.

Many of you have heard my story.

Yep…. That is a fly stuck in my nose. A fly with a hook on it.

The first time I got a fly hooked in my body, it was in my neck and the barb went all the way through. I was on the river by myself and I couldn’t get it out. I found a couple of men panning for gold lower down stream. I asked them for help getting it out, with no avail. They were pretty squeamish, we needed some wire cutters to cut off the end.  There was a couple who had just pulled up in a truck. They did have some wire cutters, he cut the end off, pulled it out and I was back on the river fly fishing in moments. The two gentlemen panning for gold were from Boca Raton, Florida. While watching the fly being removed from my neck, their comment was “The girls in Boca would be cryin’ by now!  (in a very heavy southern accent!) Oh, I did ask if I could fish near where they were, far enough away, as there was a great looking hole. And… I caught a nice brown on my second cast. WOOO HOOO.

The next time I was hooked by my own fly, I had bought some wire cutters after the first incident and thought, “No problem”, I have wire cutters!  I reeled in my line, snipped it off and went up to my car so I could look in the mirror and remove it… wah-la and continue to fish. ARGHHH. this time the fly in my nose did not go through, but was embedded fairly deep. I tugged and pulled and could not remove the fly. I had seen some young men on the river in the same spot where the gold panning duo was. I drove down river and approached the young men. I had wire cutters and clamps in hand and asked them if they could help me, as I handed one of them my tools. He looked at me briefly and said “no”, while handing the tools to his buddy, who took about 4 seconds of trying and said… “No, I can’t do it!” looking a little frightened at the thought of trying any longer. I tried to convince them they were strong and could push the barb through the skin , snip the end and pull it out. “No!” “darn, I thought as I remembered the gas station at the base of the canyon.  I’ll just drive down there and perhaps the station worker could help, I walked in with wire cutters, and clamps, laid them on the counter as I spoke to the 6’4”, 200 + lb station attendant, my thoughts were, great, I can finally get this out and continue to fish. “Can you help me get this fly out of my nose?” I asked. His response was unexpected, “I think I am going to faint.” he replied, as he turned white, grabbed the wall to balance himself, and then said ” I think I am going to get sick.” wow, I didn’t think I looked that bad, it was just a little fly. “Can I use your bathroom?” “yes, it’s over there… still white and dizzy. “are you Ok?”   I thought if I got some leverage I could just get it out. I spent about 20 minutes trying with all my strength to pull, push and rip this thing out of my nose. Darn…..  I now was bleeding, and a little tender but still determined.  As I exited the bathroom, two hunters  (a couple) were coming into the store. I looked at them and asked if they could help me remove the fly from my nose. Hunters gut animals and haul them out of the woods, certainly they would at least try. NOPE!! “I am not a doctor”  the gentleman replied. “you can just snip off the end and I’ll pull it through, I replied as I tried to hand off my pliers to the female. “No, No.” she responded. ARGHHH again.

Returning to my vehicle, I called my niece who is a nurse. “Have you ever removed a fly from someones nose?’ “Aunt Connie?” Yes, I have a fly stuck in my nose and need to get it out. she did not want to remove it as she did not want to scar my nose. Really/ Have you seen my nose? “Do you have insurance?”  “Yes,”  “well this is the time I think you should use it.” Darn, I just wanted to get back on the river. She gave me the name of an urgent care closest to where I was.

Now going into the Urgent Care, I did not expect to see the reactions from the receptionists as I approached the counter. They looked at me scared. “I suppose you see this often, being close to the river?’ “No, Never” as they immediately took me back to a room. I think it was so I would not frighten anyone else in the waiting room as I look back.

The Doctor came into the room, began to examine my nose, looking up my nose, he said “I don’t think I can remove it!” “What? I silently said in my head… speaking aloud now, “I have some wire cutters and clamps in my car, I’ll go get them, you cut off the end, and pull it out!!” “No, I have equipment,” he said, “I’ll try to remove it” and then said he would need to deaden my nose.  I quickly responded with “No, thank you. I am fine without anything.” He told me he would NOT remove the fly without deadening it. “OK, but only use the tiniest amount possible” I hate that stuff. Before he began the procedure to remove the fly, I stopped and said “wait, I need to take a selfie, Last time I got a fly in my neck, I did not take a picture.” He didn’t really seem amused, and looked a little scarred himself.

It did take him about 20 minutes to remove the fly, as he was working on me, he said, “it is really stuck!” Actually it had gone into the cartilage of my nose which made it so hard for me to try to remove.

I thought next time, I am praying BEFORE I ever get on the river, I will be wise and not fly fish in the wind. I have not had another fly stuck in me since, and use wisdom when the wind kicks up. 🙂  Also if it ever happens again, I will use all the power I have to rip it out, but I am not expecting to have this happen again! Also I just read about a way to slide it out much easier, though I may need to watch the video a few times. Again, I plan on never needing to use this. AMEN!

I did think it was quite funny that a little fly in my nose was such a big deal, for so many I came in contact with that day. So I have my funny fly fishing story.

Hope you got a little laugh and were not frightened by my selfie.

Have a glorious day and stay safe on the rivers. Oh…. and remeber to pray and stand on God’s truth before.


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With the tragedy of the recent mass shooting in Florida, I am saddened for the lives that were lost and the families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. I am sad that Satan has been given so much power in many people’s lives.

I think Jesus is the answer to the problems and evil we are seeing in our world, but this is going to take time.  I am not as knowledgeable as most about the various kinds of guns available, but while we are out sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  I am in favor of keeping our 2nd amendment rights, but perhaps keeping weapons meant only for military to be kept out of the hands of those who are not.

Without Christ in our lives these things will continue in our world. Without Christ people have no way to vent their alarm and anger over the mass shootings. They want to control ‘something’ and so the only way they believe they can take control is to ban firearms, protest, carry signs and scream at those of us who believe in our 2nd amendment rights.

I purchased a gun after college. I never had a desire to own a firearm but had used various guns learning how to use them with friends who had them.

Some of you may know a piece of my story.  For those of you who do not, I dated a man very briefly after college, and after about 3 dates, realized he was not the person I would want to spend the rest of my life with, so I ended the relationship. This did not go well for me, as this person did not want to accept the fact that we were not a good fit. He began to stalk me and broke into my home on several occasions. On five of those, he proceeded to rape me at gun point and threatened to kill friends and family if I did not do as he asked or if I reported the rapes.

I did report him, and filed a restraining order after the first rape. Unfortunately I lived in a small town, he was a prominent figure there and was ‘protected’ by those higher-ups. So, nothing was ever done to protect me from him or to prosecute him. Actually my reporting him, made things even worse for me.  One night I awoke with his hands around my throat and he proceeded to throw me up against the wall. beat me, and raped me at gun point. I really was not sure how he got into my home, and figured he may have had a key made, or picked my lock somehow!  I lived outside city limits, and the first time he broke into my home, I had called the police and no one ever showed up. Terrified, I called a friend who let me come and stay with them for the evening,.

The following day, I called the police to ask why they did not come to my home. They told me I was not in city limits and not in their jurisdiction. “Why, would you not tell me that last night?” I asked.  They informed me I should have contacted the Sheriff instead. Why would they ‘not’ have told that to me when I called? …. Because he was protected!

There was another instance when I did call the sheriff, they came to my home, but told me they could not protect me 24 hours a day, they said they would come out to check on me occasionally and they suggested my ONLY protection was to purchase a gun. They said to  make sure I knew how to use it. They also informed me that if I shot him outside my home to make sure I dragged him inside before I called them. Seriously, at the time I weighed about 98 pounds and the man was about 198 and worked out regularly.

I took their advise…. finally,  after the 5th rape!  I was never raped again.

I lived in fear though, for quite some time. I had mace in every room of my home, I slept in my front room, so I could hear if he was trying to enter, and break into my home. I slept with the gun on the table in front of me and ready to fire.

This person tried 2 more times to break into my home and because I slept close to the door, I heard him before he could open the lock. I only needed to waive the gun in the air showing him through the glass on my door, that I was ready to kill him if he attempted to enter. I think I said, “I have a gun!!!”

This was enough to deter him. I am thankful that I never had to use it, though I would have.  I was ready, and he must have known I would not have hesitated to shoot him if I needed to.  He ran off both times.

He did continue to stalk me, but not at my home. He was very sly and often I never even saw him. The moment I would get home though, my phone would ring and he would be on the other end threatening to kill the friends I had been with that night, he would know even what I had for dinner.  You see, there are evil people out there and a gun saved me from this one. I believed he would have ended up killing me. I believe God gave me words to say to this man even though I did not ‘know’ God at that time in my life.

It was NOT God, allowing this to happen to me, It was not God helping me to be a stronger person. This was plain and simple a man who was pure evil, and I had no power without Christ in my life except a gun.

I did not share with a lot of people what was going on in my life for fear of their lives. One night I got a call from him from another city where some family members lived.  He had taken them out to dinner, he even had them say hi, to make sure I knew he was with them. He then left their ear shot and proceeded to tell me that he would kill them if I ever did anything to ‘ruin his’ reputation!!!!!

I believe in protecting myself and my family. I have a gun, I know how to use it and would not hesitate to do so, if anything near this experience were to happen to me or a family member again, and I would not hesitate to defend a child.

I believe we should have a trained armed guard at the entrance to our schools. I believe we should now have metal detectors and searches for every student, faculty and person who would enter our schools. WHY? Because we have created a world where evil has been allowed to live. We have pushed God out of our nation and there are evil people who think they have the right to take the lives of others, having no value for life but their own. We live in a time, where women think it is their right to kill the very life of a child they are carrying, and I was one of those, before I gave my life to Christ. Before I knew the truth, and the love of Jesus Christ.

As a christian woman, I am absolutely pro-life and against murder. But killing someone to protect yourself, a child and family is not Murder. It is self-defense.

As a christian, I believe I now walk in power and authority over the enemy, and prayerfully will never need to use a firearm to defend anyone. I have used this power to protect myself and others. It works. God is amazing, and when I tell even a part of my story, it is as if I am telling another persons story, because knowing and having Jesus Christ in my life has so removed any anger and fear and replaced it with HIS peace, love, grace and forgiveness, restored my Joy and I want everyone to KNOW this love, this peace and Joy.

I pray for this lost world to come to KNOW JESUS CHRIST, I will share Him and His love whenever I can.  HE is the answer the evil and all that is wrong in our world today.

A Gun saved my life, before Christ in my life. I believe in the 2nd amendment.


Psalm 36:1 says, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.” 

John 12:46  I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.

Titus 2:12  Training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,

2 Timothy 1:7  God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Romans 5:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

conniebannerlogo.jpg  *  P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520  *  *  720-308-4333

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Conversation with a pro choice student



I recently had the pleasure of having an in depth conversation with a student who was pro-choice, but questioning his stand on life and just wanted to talk and have someone answer some questions for him.

He stated that when all the babies in foster care were adopted, he might become pro-life. We talked about the foster and fost-adopt program and that there are no unwanted children, just a broken system that truly wants the best for children, and that is to keep them with their families, if at all possible.  Unfortunately these children often go back and forth in the foster program before they are available to be adopted, if ever.

He stated that there would be too many babies put into foster care waiting to be adopted if they were not aborted. I shared with him that there are over 100 K families waiting to adopt for every baby available for adoption and that there were NO new born babies born that were waiting to be adopted. There are families praying and waiting for a child. (Any age) We talked about the availability of open adoption and how a parent does not just ‘give a baby away’ but can have contact and pictures of their child.

We talked in depth about when and why he thought it would OK to terminate a baby. We talked about the difference between a 1 yr old, or 6 month old in the womb. One thing I often hear is that if a mother is not ready, and we just do not know how hard it would be for her to have a baby she should have the choice to abort. But my comment is, “my husband is hard to live with, you just don’t know hard it is, he is costly to our household and I think I should be able to kill him.”

There is the emotional side of ‘wanting’ to see that it is a ‘woman’s choice’ to do with her body as she wishes. But new scientific results prove that it is NOT a part of a woman’s body and that a child’s life begins at conception. Yet, we look at science when it agrees with our beliefs, but we challenge science when we want it to line up with our own desires and beliefs.

The fact that financially it is hard for many women to provide for a child is true, but she is not alone! There are thousands of ministries that are there to help and support her in a number of ways. She can continue her education, have her career, prosper and thrive if she only knew where to go to attain that support. Spiritually, physically, emotionally!

By the time our conversation ended (nearly 1 hour later) this young man said that he was now feeling pro Life and changing his mind. I encouraged him to keep seeking any answers that he still had and I was available to talk any time.

If we have uncertain feelings and or opinions on subjects, we often rely on our emotions and disregard truths. It is NOT enough to go on emotions. We need to know the truth, the facts and the science even behind the truth. That is the most responsible reaction to finding out truth. Yet, I seldom see others wanting to have an adult discussion, especially on the topic of abortion.





“Forever Changed”- Available on amazon

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