Who are your heroes?   What is your Definition of a hero?

Who would God call His heroes?

When I think of the heroes of the bible I think about those in the New Testament and not of the Old.  Jesus changed everything for us. He brought a new covenant and took care of everything for us, so the heroes that might have been looked at in the Old Testament are certainly not heroes to me now because of all that Jesus says we have as a result of His sacrifice for us. Peter, James, Paul. these are my heroes.   They took a stand and began to live the life that Jesus came to give us. They were the first ones to live in this new life.  As hard as that must have been for them, since they also lived in the times before this NEW LIFE IN CHRIST.  There must have been times when they questioned this new life and we see that in scripture with a few of the disciples.  Thomas… but once he saw the Truth he no longer had doubt, he was now a ‘believer.’ These are my heroes – BELIEVERS. But not just believers, believers who do the things God told us to do. My heroes are walking and living in the spirit, they are no longer controlled by the things of the flesh and their 5-senses. What they see, hear, taste, smell or feel.  Are you one of those heroes no longer focused or looking at things through your 5-senses, but looking at things through the eyes of Jesus Christ. Focused now on the Spirit and the New Life In Christ!

What do these heroes look like to me?   They are not lying down and taking the junk that the enemy and the world would have them believe.  They are looking at the truth of who they are in Christ.

I recently was listening to some conversations about a man who was dying of some sickness, he was very young. They were asking for prayer for him to be taken to God quickly. They were saying how he was ‘their hero!’  What makes him a hero? Because he is dying?  Because he is dying without fear. (Is he?)  Because he is dying without a fight? I am not sure why he was their hero?   To me… he would become my hero if he began to take the truth of who he is in Christ and begin to stand in that truth. “By His stripes he is healed”  (1  Peter 2:24) No weapon formed against him shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17 )  with long life will He satisfy him. ( Psalm 91:16) The truth sets people free. Free from sickness, poverty, depression and disease. My heroes believe in and stand on all the truths of who they are IN CHRIST.  Or at least they are taking the truth and believing!

The world though seems to find offense with those who stand on these truths. Why? Why if this young man no longer took this sickness as a death sentence, but instead began to believe in the healing that was provided for him through Jesus and then was totally healed and living this incredible life of Christ for LONG LIFE.   Would he no longer be their hero? Think about this?  Would they now just forget about him and go ohh well, I guess it wasn’t his time. God chose to let him live and that’s just the way it is. Would they still feel the same about him if he died of his sickness as they would if he received his healing and lived????????

 I don’t see the same celebrations for those healed miraculously by Christ as I do for those who did all the medical procedures to receive healing. Why is that????  I am not talking about every one here. There are those who rejoice and celebrate with greater joy when a believer believes and receives all that Christ has for them. – Do you?

My super hero of course is Jesus. He took all the sins of the whole world upon Him to save us. Saved=Sozo = Healed, prospered, forgiven, set free.

Would a man who believed for his healing be a  hero to you?  Is it that because we still see people dying everyday who say they believe? What are they believing?  Were they believing that God could heal?  God has already healed everyone He is ever going to!  He is no longer healing, it  has all been done. You already have all the healing you need living inside of you. You are health. You need to believe that. Those that get that “GET IT” are my heroes.  They believe!  Those that truly believe are out there raising the dead and healing the sick and sharing the Gospel as God calls us to do, no matter the consequences of no longer being a hero to the world, the church or others.

BE GOD’S HERO.  Become all He said we would be and would be doing. Healing the sick and raising the dead and opening blind eyes. Become the beliver of ALL HE said He came to accomplish and did accomplish for us to live that incredible, abundant life here. NOT just in the here after! If you are sick, do not let others call you a hero because you are letting the enemy steal your life through sickness or disease. If  you want to go be with the LORD IN HEALTH and choosing to go because you have lived a full long (120 years)  prosperous incredible life here.that would make you a hero to me. Would God consider you a hero?  …….  Does HE?

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