scripture Light of the world

Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? Mark 8:18  

Most of us have ears and most of us have eyes, yet God, when talking to this group asks them these questions.  HE was not talking to the physically deaf and blind here.

It takes discipline on my part to hear, see and remember what God has done and what HE has given us.  The exceedingly abundant life HE has for us here. It takes KNOWING that He has provided all these things for me!

The discipline is in learning and growing in my knowledge, understanding and wisdom of who God says I am and what HE has already provided for us through HIS SON Jesus Christ. It comes through reading and studying His Word. I can also gain some of this by listening to and reading knowledgeable scholars of the Word of God. But as I tell others, test and make sure they are sharing truth. I have visited many churches that are not teaching the true Word of God. The only way I have known that is by studying the Word in-depth myself. When I hear false teaching, my spirit is checked and then I double-check it with The Word.

It is an amazaing life to have an inheritance that was paid in full by a loving, gracious God.


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