Foundation & Focus or Focus on Our Foundation

When we know who and whose we are we can begin to build a foundation based on truth. The TRUTH of who GOD says we are and not who we think we are or who the world might tell us we are or even a church that may or may not be sharing truth.

It’s the truth we know that sets us free and a foundation we can ‘stand’ on.

His Name is Jesus Christ.

Our FOCUS has many things vying for our time. The world, work and family and all the things going on today can get our focus off of God’s truth. Our focus needs to continually be on the Father. I have had people tell me I am a Jesus freak, or I am so heavenly minded, that I am no earthly good. That I spend way too much time in the Word, talking about my daddy or you name it. The world and even Christians often want you to look like them. It makes them uncomfortable to hear me check in with my Jesus or look to HIM for all the answers. Yes of course there are things I must do to complete my day of work and ministry. But without HIM, I can do nothing. But gratefully I am never without HIM. I can do my work and ministry because of Him and His guidance in my every moment in every day. It is as simple as having my best friend whispering into every part of my day & life.

Having an intimate relationship with the LORD has taken time for me to have. I spent time in His Word getting to KNOW Him. When you get to know the LORD in this way, fear leaves, faith grows, grace and love and joy and all the benefits of His Life live in you. You can be confident in knowing that we can be doing the GREATER things He has called us all as believers to operate in. He has called us to heal the sick, raise the dead and open blind eyes. He has called us to do even greater things than He did while He was here ministering.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12

What a wonderful life we have here because of our relationship with Him.

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Contact Connie at: connie@cswmi.net or 720-308-4333

About Connie

Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web www.cswmi.org I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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