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I  recently watched the movie “Amazing Grace” again, the true story about William Wilberforce and his fight to abolish slavery in the late 1700’s and into the mid 1800’s. His fight lasted for years with many people coming against him at every turn. There were evil people who wanted to continue the slave trade because of selfish and financial gain, fear, laziness and indiscretions.

If the truth about the treatment of slaves took years to battle and overcome and certain people leaving office for the TRUTH to be finally revealed and changes to be made, (the lies still continue today) how much more now will it take for the TRUTH of abortion to be revealed? I am sure when you read my heading ‘Amazing Grace” you were not expecting a message on Sexual health and abortion.

Never give up sharing the truth, that abortion kills more women now,  and that over 60 million babies lives were stolen just in the U.S. for the right for a mom to “choose” to be free of the so called burden she has been told will be her future!  Did you know it is legal to terminate a child up to 9 months, it isn’t rare and happens 100’s of times a week. One of the late term abortionists lives in my state (Boulder, CO) and has been performing abortions up to 9 months for over 40 years. Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion along with New York. Six years before Roe vs Wade and there are no limitations.

Seldom if never do I hear pro abortionists tell the truth about the risks of abortion, which include:

  • Women who have abortions have a 50% + increased risk of Breast Cancer.

  • Risk of Ectopic Pregnancies increases

  • Infertility Risks increase

You will be told those statistics are lies. You will be told that because I truly care about women and want the VERY BEST for them, that I am  the one who is misogynistic, hateful and a nazi!!! I have been called these and more!

And never do you hear the Risks of Sexual exposure:

  • 20 million new cases of STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) every year.

  • 1 in 2 who are sexually active will contract an STD.

  • 50% of the new cases of STD’s every year occur in youth between the ages of 14 and 24

  • There are over 27 various STD’s many of which are now morphing and not responding to treatment.

  • 24,000 women become infertile every year in the U.S. because of an untreated STD

You will be told that everyone is having sex and there are no risks to multiple sexual partners and it’s “No big deal”.

Please tell the young man or women facing a life of dealing with Herpes, it is no big deal! They will profess otherwise. They will tell you that it is not worth it.

Sex was created to be a beautiful, intimate, relationship building pleasure, to procreate and show the person you love how much your love means. It has been turned into Simply satifying ones own pleasures and into a perversion that goes beyond what I ever imagined would happen in the US!

No one is talking about the heart attachment when one is intimate with their partner. which is now proven through science. Burt many do not care about “Facts’ or “Scientific Facts” but go by their emotions, which change daily. No one talks about the depression and increase of suicides because of a broken heart.

But I will talk about these things often and as often as allowed. I see the shocked look on a students face when I share some of these things. I ask the students who are “transitioning” if they are aware of the side effects of the chemicals and hormones they are putting in their bodies? I am only told. “I am under a physicians care.” Again… Do you know?   We are not animals, we are not rabbits.  We are able to practice self control and wait for a special person in our lives who truly cares about and honors us, as a person and partner and not just for sex.


Our society is selling our children a pack of lies, destroying their lives for lack of understanding and knowledge. (Hosea 4:6). We have allowed the sewage of the enemy to destroy morality, values and have limited our youths freedoms.

We have an amazing God that is our redeemer, forgiver, lover of my soul and brings life in abundance. This is the message we need to be sharing with our youth and all who have no real understanding of the amazing life we have and can have because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We have this abundant, beautiful inheritance.

We can live a life of signs, wonders and miracles.


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About Connie

Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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