My FISH Story

Connie fly in nose

Just sharing one of my funny fish stories.

Many of you have heard my story.

Yep…. That is a fly stuck in my nose. A fly with a hook on it.

The first time I got a fly hooked in my body, it was in my neck and the barb went all the way through. I was on the river by myself and I couldn’t get it out. I found a couple of men panning for gold lower down stream. I asked them for help getting it out, with no avail. They were pretty squeamish, we needed some wire cutters to cut off the end.  There was a couple who had just pulled up in a truck. They did have some wire cutters, he cut the end off, pulled it out and I was back on the river fly fishing in moments. The two gentlemen panning for gold were from Boca Raton, Florida. While watching the fly being removed from my neck, their comment was “The girls in Boca would be cryin’ by now!  (in a very heavy southern accent!) Oh, I did ask if I could fish near where they were, far enough away, as there was a great looking hole. And… I caught a nice brown on my second cast. WOOO HOOO.

The next time I was hooked by my own fly, I had bought some wire cutters after the first incident and thought, “No problem”, I have wire cutters!  I reeled in my line, snipped it off and went up to my car so I could look in the mirror and remove it… wah-la and continue to fish. ARGHHH. this time the fly in my nose did not go through, but was embedded fairly deep. I tugged and pulled and could not remove the fly. I had seen some young men on the river in the same spot where the gold panning duo was. I drove down river and approached the young men. I had wire cutters and clamps in hand and asked them if they could help me, as I handed one of them my tools. He looked at me briefly and said “no”, while handing the tools to his buddy, who took about 4 seconds of trying and said… “No, I can’t do it!” looking a little frightened at the thought of trying any longer. I tried to convince them they were strong and could push the barb through the skin , snip the end and pull it out. “No!” “darn, I thought as I remembered the gas station at the base of the canyon.  I’ll just drive down there and perhaps the station worker could help, I walked in with wire cutters, and clamps, laid them on the counter as I spoke to the 6’4”, 200 + lb station attendant, my thoughts were, great, I can finally get this out and continue to fish. “Can you help me get this fly out of my nose?” I asked. His response was unexpected, “I think I am going to faint.” he replied, as he turned white, grabbed the wall to balance himself, and then said ” I think I am going to get sick.” wow, I didn’t think I looked that bad, it was just a little fly. “Can I use your bathroom?” “yes, it’s over there… still white and dizzy. “are you Ok?”   I thought if I got some leverage I could just get it out. I spent about 20 minutes trying with all my strength to pull, push and rip this thing out of my nose. Darn…..  I now was bleeding, and a little tender but still determined.  As I exited the bathroom, two hunters  (a couple) were coming into the store. I looked at them and asked if they could help me remove the fly from my nose. Hunters gut animals and haul them out of the woods, certainly they would at least try. NOPE!! “I am not a doctor”  the gentleman replied. “you can just snip off the end and I’ll pull it through, I replied as I tried to hand off my pliers to the female. “No, No.” she responded. ARGHHH again.

Returning to my vehicle, I called my niece who is a nurse. “Have you ever removed a fly from someones nose?’ “Aunt Connie?” Yes, I have a fly stuck in my nose and need to get it out. she did not want to remove it as she did not want to scar my nose. Really/ Have you seen my nose? “Do you have insurance?”  “Yes,”  “well this is the time I think you should use it.” Darn, I just wanted to get back on the river. She gave me the name of an urgent care closest to where I was.

Now going into the Urgent Care, I did not expect to see the reactions from the receptionists as I approached the counter. They looked at me scared. “I suppose you see this often, being close to the river?’ “No, Never” as they immediately took me back to a room. I think it was so I would not frighten anyone else in the waiting room as I look back.

The Doctor came into the room, began to examine my nose, looking up my nose, he said “I don’t think I can remove it!” “What? I silently said in my head… speaking aloud now, “I have some wire cutters and clamps in my car, I’ll go get them, you cut off the end, and pull it out!!” “No, I have equipment,” he said, “I’ll try to remove it” and then said he would need to deaden my nose.  I quickly responded with “No, thank you. I am fine without anything.” He told me he would NOT remove the fly without deadening it. “OK, but only use the tiniest amount possible” I hate that stuff. Before he began the procedure to remove the fly, I stopped and said “wait, I need to take a selfie, Last time I got a fly in my neck, I did not take a picture.” He didn’t really seem amused, and looked a little scarred himself.

It did take him about 20 minutes to remove the fly, as he was working on me, he said, “it is really stuck!” Actually it had gone into the cartilage of my nose which made it so hard for me to try to remove.

I thought next time, I am praying BEFORE I ever get on the river, I will be wise and not fly fish in the wind. I have not had another fly stuck in me since, and use wisdom when the wind kicks up. 🙂  Also if it ever happens again, I will use all the power I have to rip it out, but I am not expecting to have this happen again! Also I just read about a way to slide it out much easier, though I may need to watch the video a few times. Again, I plan on never needing to use this. AMEN!

I did think it was quite funny that a little fly in my nose was such a big deal, for so many I came in contact with that day. So I have my funny fly fishing story.

Hope you got a little laugh and were not frightened by my selfie.

Have a glorious day and stay safe on the rivers. Oh…. and remeber to pray and stand on God’s truth before.



About Connie

Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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