Conversation with a pro choice student



I recently had the pleasure of having an in depth conversation with a student who was pro-choice, but questioning his stand on life and just wanted to talk and have someone answer some questions for him.

He stated that when all the babies in foster care were adopted, he might become pro-life. We talked about the foster and fost-adopt program and that there are no unwanted children, just a broken system that truly wants the best for children, and that is to keep them with their families, if at all possible.  Unfortunately these children often go back and forth in the foster program before they are available to be adopted, if ever.

He stated that there would be too many babies put into foster care waiting to be adopted if they were not aborted. I shared with him that there are over 100 K families waiting to adopt for every baby available for adoption and that there were NO new born babies born that were waiting to be adopted. There are families praying and waiting for a child. (Any age) We talked about the availability of open adoption and how a parent does not just ‘give a baby away’ but can have contact and pictures of their child.

We talked in depth about when and why he thought it would OK to terminate a baby. We talked about the difference between a 1 yr old, or 6 month old in the womb. One thing I often hear is that if a mother is not ready, and we just do not know how hard it would be for her to have a baby she should have the choice to abort. But my comment is, “my husband is hard to live with, you just don’t know hard it is, he is costly to our household and I think I should be able to kill him.”

There is the emotional side of ‘wanting’ to see that it is a ‘woman’s choice’ to do with her body as she wishes. But new scientific results prove that it is NOT a part of a woman’s body and that a child’s life begins at conception. Yet, we look at science when it agrees with our beliefs, but we challenge science when we want it to line up with our own desires and beliefs.

The fact that financially it is hard for many women to provide for a child is true, but she is not alone! There are thousands of ministries that are there to help and support her in a number of ways. She can continue her education, have her career, prosper and thrive if she only knew where to go to attain that support. Spiritually, physically, emotionally!

By the time our conversation ended (nearly 1 hour later) this young man said that he was now feeling pro Life and changing his mind. I encouraged him to keep seeking any answers that he still had and I was available to talk any time.

If we have uncertain feelings and or opinions on subjects, we often rely on our emotions and disregard truths. It is NOT enough to go on emotions. We need to know the truth, the facts and the science even behind the truth. That is the most responsible reaction to finding out truth. Yet, I seldom see others wanting to have an adult discussion, especially on the topic of abortion.





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