The abortion industry has betrayed the very women they claim to serve.  Providing chemical contraception that can cause bodily harm.  Procuring and selling the body parts of the children they abort.  Creating sales schemes and demanding abortion quotas to increase abortion sales.  Last year alone Planned Parenthood performed over 323,999 abortions, and since they began they have murdered over 6,803,782 babies through abortions. Students are under constant assault by the PRO abortion industry and College Campuses around our nation.

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE SUNDAY, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation on January 13, 1984  designating January 22nd as the FIRST National Sanctity of Human Life day.

I am aware that many of you wish that I would be silent about abortion and you believe it is simply a woman’s choice and you choose to be silent even if you agree with me and are PRO LIFE.

I am also profoundly aware that many Christians and Pro Choice hearts are truly unaware of the impact Abortion has made in our nation and the lives of women, men and families. I often hear, “I am pro-life, so I do not need to know all the facts, and I choose to be silent and just pray.” God ha not asked us to be silent about anything, and although prayer (And fasting) is always good, they are for us, to change our own hearts, not God’s and someone elses.

My hearts desire is to educate.  I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear GOD’s truth, Scientific proof and not just my perspective.

God says: MY people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

This generation has not known a time in their lives that abortion has not been legal. Where over 60 million lives have been taken through abortion. Countless more have been taken through the Abortion Pill, but we may never know those numbers. Where abortion is legal up to 9 months in many states for any reason. YES, for any reason and there are only 13 states that have placed some limits on abortion.  Abortion is NOT health care. It is the taking of a life. Abortion is only performed 1% of the time because of the health of the mother. Doctors have since stated because of medical advances there really is NO reason a baby should ever be aborted for this reason.  1/3rd of this generation has been wiped out by abortion!

You would ‘Force’ a woman to carry the baby conceived out of rape or incest?”  I am often asked this question and not very kindly. Even if we allowed Abortion for this reason it would be rare. Only .01% of rapes result in a pregnancy….. I was one of those stats. 

 I chose abortion after I had been raped at gunpoint by a man I briefly dated and when I told him I did not want to continue a relationship with him, he broke in my home and raped me, not once but 5 separate times. He was a prominent man in the community and was at the time protected by those in high-profile positions.  I became pregnant and was told abortion would solve my problem. Out of fear and lies from the world and from my own deceitful heart and an enemy that is the father of lies, I did just that.

Many women choose abortion out of fear, financial reasons and coercion from a boyfriend or physician. 

Lets transform culture by helping young people make abortion unthinkable and obsolete on their campus, in their community, and in our nation.

Lets start being open and speaking out against an industry that cares little about truly helping women, but only about padding their pockets with the money from abortion.


Connie is not only passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ but is an accomplished Pro Life speaker. Contact Connie for your next Conference, Gala, gathering and pro-life fundraiser.


Connie Weiskopf Ministries – Moving Mountains – P.O. Box 842 Firestone, CO 80520
connie@cswmi.net  http://www.cswmi.net  720-308-4333





About Connie

Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web www.cswmi.org I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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