How ‘COMFORTABLE’ are you? ~ Oy Vey or WOOO HOOO!~





If we are believers and  followers of the Bible and of Jesus Christ, why would we be UNCOMFORTABLE with where someone else is in there walk with Christ, as long OF COURSE,  it is Christ they are following?  Now if they are followers of Buddha, Allah, or someone other than Jesus Christ then I am not comfortable and  I cannot agree with you, but I will certainly ask you what drew you to follow that life? I will question what it is you believe?   I will love you and not judge you. I will treat you with grace and respect, honor and  encourage you to ask yourself those questions and what it is you believe!  If however you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, I may want you to have all that Christ has for you,   I will not be uncomfortable with where you are. We as believers may be new in the faith, we may not be in the same place in our relationship and knowledge  or just simply do not want or believe all the same things. But our basic ‘foundation’ should be the same. I do not judge  where you are!

I’m COMFORTABLE with where you are, but NOT SATISFIED.   I think God has MORE, THE MOST & GREATER.

 I am often challenged (WOOO HOOO) in my beliefs and just recently,  someone of faith questioned whether I am able to relate to other denominations because I am such a strong woman of faith and love the Lord with all my heart!

WHAT??????  ~~ Oy Vey!!!!

I really was confused by this! Mostly because I KNOW what is in my heart! ❤ Yet, I’m COMFORTABLE with that!

It is because of my strong Faith and my unimaginable LOVE for Jesus that I can treat every denomination and every person with dignity, love and grace. I will NOT judge you. And only if allowed will I ask you what you believe and why?  I think others have mistaken my passion for Jesus and think I would judge them for not being as passionate!.  Are you UNCOMFORTABLE with my Christianity? There were those who were UNCOMFORTABLE with the Disciples and with the Passion Christ had. They were uncomfortable with His Love and grace.

I will never assume to know if you are a BELIEVER No matter where you attend a Biblical teaching Church.

Seems ‘Christians’ are  doing a lot of ‘judging’ these days!

Oy Vey!

A Christian who is crucifying me because of my GREAT FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST and my belief in ALL that Jesus did and all HE provided for us as believers?

I’m Comfortable with that! yet confused and sad!

 As I look at the Word  this is what my Jesus said would happen! He warned against people, they would be our trials.   Yet somehow I thought it would  be the ‘worldly’ unbelievers  that I would find my trials with. NOPE! TO my surprise it has been those who say they are Christians that want to crucify me because I am laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover! (WOW Sounds like Jesus’s same trials) He did say we would face the same things. SO, we never see Jesus struggle with sickness in His own body or trials of these kinds! His trials were  the Christian leaders and followers who thought that Healing and miracles were wrong and wanted to crucify Christ because He was doing those things.

So here we are!

I am told NOT to anoint with oil and lay hands on the sick and see them recover. I am told I might offend someone who has not been healed, has a sick child or just simply does not believe these things are true and for today! ~~~ HMMMM?  Did Jesus Not say we would be doing even greater things than HE?  (John 14:12) Why are others so offended when we are doing just that?  Do we offend you?   Jesus said we would! I’m COMFORTABLE with that!

I am sad that in 2000 plus years we are still dealing with ‘believers’ who don’t Believe!

I am not judging… I was one of those. I grew up being taught that miracles and healings were not for us to do, but was up for God to decide. He already decided this and provided for all through His crucifixion.  I grew up being taught that God was the one who makes people sick, gives them cancer, allows children to be raped, murdered and molested just for His great pleasure in seeing them ‘grow or for a ‘greater’ purpose’. Think about how conflicting a message this is and how horrible of a picture it paints of my Incredible Loving, gracious and compassionate Jesus?

I am not perfect, I have NOT arrived.  I’m OK, I’m COMFORTABLE with that!  But I am not satisfied! I am selfish and I want everything God has for me.  I WANT IT ALL!

 I will never tell those who have been miraculously healed by the power of the Word of God  what others are saying,….. it’s unbelief! They are living an amazingly healthy and beautiful life no matter! I think that is why Jesus took the blind man out of Bethsaida (a city filled with unbelief) and then told the blind man NOT to go back. All that unbelief would have most assuredly stole his healing.  I have seen many healings.  How wonderful to be able to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. (Mark 16: 17,18) To be passionate about my LORD enough to be able to feel free to do just as He has asked. I don’t stop just because I do not see everyone I pray for healed instantly or at all.

I am challenging you to read Mark 16, and  James,  and study the directions and Inheritance of Our LORD.  I am challenging you to be comfortable in your Christianity and mine and to ‘GO.’  Go heal the sick, raise the dead, lay hand on sick and see them recover and anoint them with oil  and believe.  James 5:14-15  ~ I challenge you to be doing what Jesus did and then to be doing even GREATER things than He.

Do you long to SEE the greater things manifest in this world and your own life?

You can be doing ALL HE has said we would be and Even greater things than these.





available on  ~  ‘Forever Changed’  by: Connie Schlepp Weiskopf

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Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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