God has already provided all the healing for everyone we  just need to get it from the Spirit into the physical. There are many false teachings and lies from the enemy that have held back Gods people from receiving their healing. 

God has greater things for us, – Health,  Healing. Prosperity, Forgiveness, Freedom, Joy, Peace, and so much more. – If you Only believe.

Recently I was with a woman who had many health issues and I was blessed to share and pray with her to receive the ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit’  and then pray for her healing. She felt the sickness leave her body as if  it were being pulled out by the hand of God. Wooo Hooo. The doctors report was for her to live the rest of her life with this sickness. God’s report is for health! She believed and received.   I often share how not to lose that healing as the enemy would love to lie to her in many ways to get her back into sickness. She is so excited to live in Health and be able to play and have fun with her children again.  God wants us to live the exceedingly abundant life HERE. Do not wait for the here after to live in the blessings.

Our God has provided all the healing you need. Take it. Receive it.

Thank You LORD.

01-15-2012 04;34;21PM

“Forever Changed” available on www.amazon.com or link on  www.cswmi.org


About Connie

Author, Artist and Minister of The Word. I am blessed to have found God's healing that has changed my life. My book, "FOREVER CHANGED' records these experiences to help encourage others in their quest for LOVE, TRUTH, and HEALING. Go to my web www.cswmi.org I am also able to share this as a Keynote speaker at events and gatherings. I have a video available documenting my story. Produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries.
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