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Hi, My Name is


I am an Artist, Author and Minister of God’s Word

My Inspirational Healing Story and commentary on Christian Philosphy and Abortion with Andrew Wommack’s Ministry  were televised on Christian TV across the globe.   As I continue to speak and share the Gospel with others and share the truth through my healing journey, I have wonderful people who surround me with encouragement and love.
I pray that all who watch the stories see the incredible grace and love of the Jesus I fell in love with, and who I am wanting to introduce to a world filled with unbelief.  He sent His Son to save the world. (Save = sozo = healed, prosperous, forgiven and set free). My  book ‘Forever Changed’  is about this incredible journey that’s available to us all, and walks you through some key things God shows us in His Word of how you can begin  your journey and appropriate what God has provided. The book can be purchased on www.amazon.com  I hope it brings Truth to those who long to see the MORE, the GREATER manifest in their lives and in those around them.

I am working on two more books after teaching now on the Tools One Needs to Live the exceedingly abundant life in Christ. It takes you into the Word, sharing the tools more in-depth that He has already provided for us and tells how to use those tools. It’s kind of  a follow-up and continuation of  ‘Forever Changed“. Also a Healing Devotional filled with scripture, photography and a few of my paintings.

I love our Abba Father, Daddy, as He continues to lead me in HIS Truth and I ‘get’ to share HIM with others.”

Also my Original Watercolors, Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints can be found on my website for purchase


FOREVER CHANGED is avaialable on Amazon



dcweiskopf@comcast.net    connie@cswmi.net   720-308-4333

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scripture Light of the world

Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? Mark 8:18

Most of us have ears and most of us have eyes, yet God, when talking to this group asks them these questions. HE was not talking to the physically deaf and blind here.

It takes discipline on my part to hear, see and remember what God has done and what HE has given us. The exceedingly abundant life HE has for us here. It takes KNOWING that He has provided all these things for me!

The discipline is in learning and growing in my knowledge, understanding and wisdom of who God says I am and what HE has already provided for us through HIS SON Jesus Christ. It comes through reading and studying His Word. I can also gain some of this by listening to and reading knowledgeable scholars of the Word of God. But as I tell others, test and make sure they are sharing truth. I have visited many churches that are not teaching the true Word of God. The only way I have known that is by studying the Word in-depth myself. When I hear false teaching, my spirit is checked and then I double-check it with The Word.

It is an amazing life to have an inheritance that was paid in full by a loving, gracious God.

Contact Connie Weiskopf at: connie@cswmi.net 720-308-4333


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2020 = Perfect Vision


cswmi Happy new-year-wishes scripture


Jesus said “It is finished” He didn’t add a “but” any where in this statement.
He wanted us to know that He didn’t do a partial work when He paid the price for all our sins. He didn’t say I came and did some of the work and now you need to do some more work.

Did HE leave us with things to do? Yes. But not works for our salvation. Not works for our healing, health, prosperity, forgiveness and freedom. The works HE left for us were for others. To heal the sick, preach the Gospel, raise the dead, open blind eyes.
Healing is for us to do. Health is for us to have as our inheritance.

I love that 2020 is also how we express perfect vision. I find that as my vision has increased about who Christ is and what we have because of HIS amazing gift of life to us who believe, my understanding of what I have and can do because of HIM has increased.  Not only did He call us to do what He did while He walked this earth, He tells us that we will be doing even GREATER things than He did. Start practicing what He did and the even more.

I find that as an artist it is important for me to visualize the greater, the signs, wonders and miracles and then it is easier for me to see them manifest in my life and for those I pray for.

Envision your healing, envision healing others and  raising the dead in this New Year.



Happy new deeper-with-god-550x320


>>>>>>>>> IT IS FINISHED <<<<<<<<


Connie Weiskopf Ministries – P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520 – connie@cswmi.net       720-308-4333


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amazing-grace lost now fouind

I  recently watched the movie “Amazing Grace” again, the true story about William Wilberforce and his fight to abolish slavery in the late 1700’s and into the mid 1800’s. His fight lasted for years with many people coming against him at every turn. There were evil people who wanted to continue the slave trade because of selfish and financial gain, fear, laziness and indiscretions.

If the truth about the treatment of slaves took years to battle and overcome and certain people leaving office for the TRUTH to be finally revealed and changes to be made, (the lies still continue today) how much more now will it take for the TRUTH of abortion to be revealed? I am sure when you read my heading ‘Amazing Grace” you were not expecting a message on Sexual health and abortion.

Never give up sharing the truth, that abortion kills more women now,  and that over 60 million babies lives were stolen just in the U.S. for the right for a mom to “choose” to be free of the so called burden she has been told will be her future!  Did you know it is legal to terminate a child up to 9 months, it isn’t rare and happens 100’s of times a week. One of the late term abortionists lives in my state (Boulder, CO) and has been performing abortions up to 9 months for over 40 years. Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion along with New York. Six years before Roe vs Wade and there are no limitations.

Seldom if never do I hear pro abortionists tell the truth about the risks of abortion, which include:

  • Women who have abortions have a 50% + increased risk of Breast Cancer.

  • Risk of Ectopic Pregnancies increases

  • Infertility Risks increase

You will be told those statistics are lies. You will be told that because I truly care about women and want the VERY BEST for them, that I am  the one who is misogynistic, hateful and a nazi!!! I have been called these and more!

And never do you hear the Risks of Sexual exposure:

  • 20 million new cases of STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) every year.

  • 1 in 2 who are sexually active will contract an STD.

  • 50% of the new cases of STD’s every year occur in youth between the ages of 14 and 24

  • There are over 27 various STD’s many of which are now morphing and not responding to treatment.

  • 24,000 women become infertile every year in the U.S. because of an untreated STD

You will be told that everyone is having sex and there are no risks to multiple sexual partners and it’s “No big deal”.

Please tell the young man or women facing a life of dealing with Herpes, it is no big deal! They will profess otherwise. They will tell you that it is not worth it.

Sex was created to be a beautiful, intimate, relationship building pleasure, to procreate and show the person you love how much your love means. It has been turned into Simply satifying ones own pleasures and into a perversion that goes beyond what I ever imagined would happen in the US!

No one is talking about the heart attachment when one is intimate with their partner. which is now proven through science. Burt many do not care about “Facts’ or “Scientific Facts” but go by their emotions, which change daily. No one talks about the depression and increase of suicides because of a broken heart.

But I will talk about these things often and as often as allowed. I see the shocked look on a students face when I share some of these things. I ask the students who are “transitioning” if they are aware of the side effects of the chemicals and hormones they are putting in their bodies? I am only told. “I am under a physicians care.” Again… Do you know?   We are not animals, we are not rabbits.  We are able to practice self control and wait for a special person in our lives who truly cares about and honors us, as a person and partner and not just for sex.


Our society is selling our children a pack of lies, destroying their lives for lack of understanding and knowledge. (Hosea 4:6). We have allowed the sewage of the enemy to destroy morality, values and have limited our youths freedoms.

We have an amazing God that is our redeemer, forgiver, lover of my soul and brings life in abundance. This is the message we need to be sharing with our youth and all who have no real understanding of the amazing life we have and can have because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We have this abundant, beautiful inheritance.

We can live a life of signs, wonders and miracles.



 www.cswmi.net   connie@cswmi.net   720-308-4333


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The Mona Lisa is a Finished Masterpiece


Mona Lisa painting

When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished” and He bowed His head. He grave up His Spirit. John 19:30

Imagine looking at Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre museum. Would you think of adding more brush strokes to it? Of course not! It was done by a master, so what could you possibly add to the painting to improve it?

In the same way, that is how we are to look at Jesus’ work on the cross. He cried out, “It is finished!” You cannot add to a completed work. You cannot add to a finished work. Our salvation is won. Our sins are all forgiven. We are made forever righteous by the blood.  Christ paid completely and perfectly for our total forgiveness, righteousness and every blessing. EVERY BLESSING!

These three words, “It is finished,” come from one Greek word teleo. In  Jesus day, a servant would use it when reporting to his master: “I have completed the work assigned to me.” (John 17:4) The word means, “It is finished, it stands finished,  and it will always be finished!” The most significant meaning of teleo is how it is used by merchants: The debt is paid in full!” When Jesus gave Himself on the cross, He completely met the righteous demands of the law. He paid our debts in full!

Today, it is NOT our works that will bring us the blessings. It is Christ’s finished works. Christian living is not about doing, but BELIEVING in His finished work. Under the law, we must do. Under grace, it is finished. We are now living in HIS grace.

Maybe you are faced with a sickness or something else today. Jesus promises, “It is finished!” You are not ‘GOING’ to be delivered because you have ALREADY been healed and delivered. God healed you 2,000 years ago! Isaiah 53:5 says, “By HIS stripes you are healed!” You already have it all. Rest in His finished work, believe, and it will manifest.

The work is finished, the victory is won. Our enemies have been defeated.  Our blessings have been bought by His blood! Live life KNOWING there is nothing for you to do.


It is finished!

(Some quotes taken from Joseph Prince teaching.)


Connie is an insprirational speaker, and loves to partner with other churches and ministries. She is committed to sharing the Truth of God’s unconditional love, grace and healing. Feel free to contact Connie to speak at your conference or event. connie@cswmi.net * 720-308-4333


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baby sleep on shoulder

I used to be Pro Choice.  I even voted to fund abortions before I began to understand and know the real ramifications of what Abortion really is and what it does, and before I became a Christian.

Many of you who read my blogs, know that I myself had 3 abortions. I have 3 children in heaven and one day I will be reunited with them.

When I was 16 years old I was raped for the first time. I seldom talk about this rape, it was a friend of a gentleman I was dating.  We all were out at a dance club and my boyfriend at the time was the DJ.  A couple of his friends came and sat with me and my  friends that night. ‘Date rape drugs’ were just being talked about, though they had been around for a while, we really were ignorant of them.  They are horrible. The remainder of the evening is still etched on my mind. I remember being led to his car and to sitting in a café. I must have been given more of the drug or it kicked in stronger because I then could not even move. I then remember being driven to his home, though I could not tell you where it was.    I was led with assistance into a bedroom that had a mattress on the floor where I was raped. I did not know why at the time that I could not move or talk and only the next day did it dawn on me what really had happened to me. This evil man told my boyfriend that I had sex with him and my boyfriend of course thought I was the most horrible person. I never told him what happened. I never spoke of that night again until I was in my 30’s.  At the time, I felt like it was my fault, and perhaps had I not been vulnerable to this evil, I could have prevented it. I of course no longer believe that lie. These men prey on vulnerable women and men and take advantage.

In College I was involved in a very unhealthy relationship which I felt was all I deserved.  After college, I went out with another man who was very prominent in our community.  I realized he was very unhealthy and not someone I wanted to continue to date, but that was not what he thought! Long story short, he broke into my home on 5 separate occasions and raped me at Gunpoint. I became pregnant and terminated that baby. I was prochoice at the time. It was a blob of tissue I was told. I was pregnant from an evil man, why would I do anything else? Though no one ever counseled me that I could carry that baby and choose another family to raise that baby.  I was only told that abortion would solve my problem. My heart truly changed for the worse that day, I was hard already but anything that resembled a gentle woman was destroyed in that act. It is said a women can never abort her baby unless she herself has been ‘aborted’ in some way in her life. Abuse, rejection and other factors often change a woman’s heart to the point where she can then take the life of her own child. We have a lot of hurting people in our world.

I never felt worthy of having a good man in my life, even though I know that God brought some amazing men into my life, one in particular.  I never could commit to a healthy relationship. Inside I knew the horrible things I had done. It caused me to take the life of two more of my children from another unhealthy relationship.

I look at the women who march at the women’s march, and see a lot of hurting hard, hard hearts. I see women who have been given permission now to be as foolish and evil as I have ever seen.

When I gave my life to Christ, I was living with a man. The day after giving my life to Christ my heart had changed to where I knew I could no longer have sexual relations outside marriage. I told him we could no longer sleep together and the following day,  I told him he needed to move out. Two weeks later I found myself pregnant again. Being new in my walk with the Lord, I thought if the church I was attending knew that I was pregnant they would not allow me to come and meet with the Jesus I had just met and fell madly in love with. So I found myself listening to the lies and terminating my third child.

This abortion nearly destroyed me. Again it was my choice to terminate the life of my children, but not once did anyone ever say I had other choices. I was never told there was support for single moms, that I could choose another family to raise my children. Never did it even cross my mind. Abortion is legal, I thought that was what I must do.

It took me some time to allow the forgiveness of God to enter my heart. It took years for me to forgive myself. The love and grace of Jesus Christ began to heal the wounds and the hard heart that I had. I had to renew my mind to the truths of God. Who HE says I am, and what I have as a believer. I had so much religious teachings to overcome as well as the worlds and Satan. I spent 12 hours a day in the Word of God.  You see, my body had become physically ill at that time.

 I am profoundly, abundantly, pro-woman, pro-family, PRO-LIFE.

I am a pro-life speaker and advocate for the unborn and their mothers and fathers. Abortion effects everyone around it. A grandma, aunt, sister, cousin, a community!

Abortion has cost our nation billions and billions of dollars. One of the things we see in those who have terminated a child, is increased drug abuse, alcohol abuse, anger, promiscuity, trauma, depression and making bad choices in many areas of their life.

If you are still pro-choice, I encourage you to ask yourself, “WHY?”

Why would I make a choice to terminate the life of my own child, the life of the child your girlfriend, wife is carrying. We know with technology now that it is a child, it has everything at around 7 weeks. Your babies heart is beating, it has feelings and there are thousands of couples who would gladly raise your child for you.  There is support and help at the over 2000 Pregnancy Centers across the nation.

You can choose life, and still fulfill all your dreams and finish college and have a beautiful life. Don’t believe the lie that you can and will not. Actually studies show that abortion effects the lives of the majority so profoundly that the choice effects your future in a negative way.

God can make a way when you think there is no way!


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Contact Connie for inspirational & pro-life speaking engagements.

connie@cswmi.net  * http://www.cswmi.net  *  720-308-4333



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It Is Finished ~ Happy New Year


happy new year

Not Connie, not your Pastor, not the press.

Jesus said “It is finished” He didn’t add a “but” any where in this statement.
He wanted us to know that He didn’t do a partial work when He paid the price for all our sins. He didn’t say I came and did some of the work and now you need to do work. Did HE leave us with things to do? Yes. But not works for our salvation. Not works for our healing, health, prosperity, forgiveness and freedom. The works HE left for us were for others. To heal the sick. preach the Gospel, raise the dead, open blind eyes.
Healing is for us to do. Health is for us to have as our inheritance.

>>>>>>>>> IT IS FINISHED <<<<<<<<

The Greek word translated “it is finished” is tetelestai, an accounting term that means “paid in full.” When Jesus uttered those words, He was declaring the debt owed to His Father was wiped away completely and forever. Not that Jesus wiped away any debt that He owed to the Father; rather, Jesus eliminated the debt owed by mankind—the debt of sin.

Thank You Jesus.

Many of us forget that also the power of sin and the power of Satan were finished. No longer do we have to suffer the “flaming arrows of Satan.” (Ephesians 6:16). Many Prayers and teachings of the Church are still giving Satan power and often even more power than Christ. Christ paid the price and defeated Satan. Satan no longer has power to mess with us. The only thing he has is LIES and DECEPTION. Seems many, including myself, are believing his lies at times and fall into his deceptive ways way too often. Again, I am not excluded in that. I find myself believing his lies at times myself. Thankfully they are not at often as they used to be and are not as long-lived. Filling ourselves with GOD’S TRUTH’S helps to fight the lies of Satan.

So we have an enemy? Yes. Can he do whatever he wants with us, causing sickness and disease, disasters or trials? Only if you believe his lies and deceptions. You are healed, prospered, forgiven and set free. you have power and authority because what HE did. You have the power of Jesus Christ living in you to raise the dead and heal the sick. to open blind eyes and live this amazing life here and NOW.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.          John 8:32

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, (healed, prospered, forgiven, set-free) and shall go in and out, and find pasture.  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:9-10

>>>>>>>>>>>>> <> <<<<<<<<<<<<<

connie Happy New YEar 2018

contact Connie at connie@cswmi.net or 720-308-4333 for speaking engagements and ministry.  Send donations to Connie at P.O. Box 842, Firestone, Co 80520

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Christmas pic for note

May you celebrate the amazing inheritance that you now have because of HIS birth.
Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas as you rejoice in the Birth of Our Lord. May you have the time to get to KNOW Him even more in 2020.
Thanking all of you who support the Ministry of CSWMI-  Connie Weiskopf Ministries.
May all the mountains in your life be moved this year.
~ B E L I E V E ~

In His love and grace and mine

Connie Schlepp Weiskopf



Send donations and requests to:  connie@cswmi.net  or P.O. Box 842, Firestone, CO 80520


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 Here is your 1 minute comments for defending life. 

I am pro-life because the science of embryology establishes that from the earliest stages of development, you were a distinct, living and whole human being. You weren’t part of another human being like skin cells on the back of my hand; you were already a whole living member of the human family even though you had yet to mature.

“There is no essential difference between the embryo you once were and the adult you are today that somehow justifies killing you at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency are not good reasons for saying you could be killed then but not now.

Taken from Focus On the Family article By Scott Klusendorf



Connie is a gifted pro-life and inspirational speaker.

Contact Connie to share at your next event. 

conniebannerlogo.jpgConnie Weiskopf Ministries    http://www.cswmi.net  connie@cswmi.net   720-308-4333

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Scripture Picture believe 2


 In the English New Testament the word “grace” is always a translation of (charis), a word that occurs in the Greek text over 170 times.


Salvation by grace in the New Testament is opposed to an Old Testament doctrine of salvation by works.

2 Peter 1:2  Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

Titus 2:11   For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

 Romans 11:6 And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.

Justified = To pronounce free from guilt or blame; to declare or prove to have done that which is just, right, proper, etc.; to absolve; to exonerate; to clear.To take oath to the ownership of property.

You cannot earn anything by your works. It is all about what HE did on the cross and now you simply need to BELIEVE and receive all HE has provided for you.



(John 1:17; Romans 6:14; 1 Peter 5:12). 



http://www.cswmi.net   connie@cswmi.net    720-308-4333

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Contrary to God’s Word


Anytime you hear things that are contrary to God’s Word, you need to cast them down.

For example: When you hear on TV that it’s flu season. Instead of agreeing with all the negative words you just heard about everyone getting it, and you need to go get a shot. This is when I say “Not for me, It’s not mine to take, or my household.” I haven’t been to a doctor for many years, because I have the greatest physician, who has given me His healing power and words to use over all the sickness, diseases and ailments in this world.

When I hear things like, “I am old and this is just what happens.” I say, “Not for me!  I have the power of the Living God living inside of me.”

I remember when I first got a hold of God’s Word and His promises for us and first started believing for God’s healing and knowing all that He has for us.  I was shortly after that attending a women’s conference. A group of women were standing around talking about hot flashes and other symptoms. Another woman approached  the group and shared that the first time a hot flash tried to come upon her, she simply spoke to the lying symptom and said, “No, I am not taking that!” My response was, I’ll do that when the lies of the enemy try to come against me.  When I did reach that place in my life that a lie tried to come upon me, I simply spoke to that lying symptom and it left. I still do this today.  I take God’s power authority living in me and command the sympom to leave and command healing to manifest.

I have people sharing with me that they or someone they know believed for their healing, but did not get healed.  I ask them how they are/were praying.  I can tell right away if they are speaking POWER WORDS or  if they are still beggars. Begging God to heal them.

God told us to heal the sick, raise the dead, and never said for us to beg Him for healing, He did say to pray continually. My prayers are speaking to my symptom and Thanking God for his inheritance, His healing. He paid the price for us at the cross for all the healing we need. It lives inside of me. If you are a believer, it lives inside of you.  You have power and authority.  You first need to know HIS Truth and then appropriate what you already have.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper. – Isaiah 54:17

With Long life will HE satisfy you.  – Psalm 91:16

By HIS stripes you are healed.  – 1 Peter 2:24

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:… – Hosea 4:6



P.O. Box 842  Firestone, CO 80520    connie@cswmi.net    http://www.cswmi.net  720-308-4333


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